Video workshop: How to fix a broken or loose spoke

Part 6 of our MTB maintenance series

With the battering your bike takes on the trails, there's no problem more common than a broke or loose spoke. 

In the sixth part of our mountain bike maintenance series, MBUK's features editor Doddy shows you what to do when the inevitable happens. The first half shows you how to tighten a loose spoke, while the second demonstrates the steps you should take if it's beyond repair.

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Whether you're in the comfort of a workshop or exposed out on the trails, having the right skills and tools to fix and maintain your bike are an essential part of any mountain biker's armoury.

Our new 10-part series with Unior Tools aims to instil the knowledge that'll mean you won't be caught short when a problem arises. From workshop tips such as how to adjust a rear derailleur, setting up front and rear suspension or fixing a broken chain to trail tips like dealing with a broken spoke or replacing a gear cable, the series – online every Monday for the next couple of months – will cover skills both basic and expert.

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