WD-40 Bike Frame Protectant$19.95

Post-clean bike polish

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Frame Protectant is the third and final product in WD-40 Bike's cleaning and preparation lineup. It's essentially a polish that is designed to be used after Heavy-Duty Degreaser and Foaming Wash, to bring surfaces to a shine and create a slick finish that will prevent further dirt from sticking.

WD-40 Bike Frame Protectant isn't too different from polishes found in an auto store. It takes some effort to get the most from it though, so you'll need a bit of patience when using it. Use it to buff the surfaces of your bike, and remove tiny-blemishes, leaving behind a perfectly clean shine.

Like many surface polishers, frame protectant has a very minor cutting component which will help buff out small scratches and swirls in the paint caused by dirt and grit, but don’t expect it to remove gouges.

An easy-pour lid stops the protectant from going to waste:

An easy-pour lid stops the Protectant from going to waste

It's white in colour, so it’s easy to see where its been applied and where still needs buffing. Frame Protectant leaves a slippery surface behind and the areas of the frame that we cleaned with it are noticeably easier to clean again after further rides.

Sold in a 238ml (8oz) bottle, it will last for many hours of bike polishing.

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