Finish Line Speed Clean Degreaser review$27.49

Powerful degreaser and brake cleaner

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Speed Clean is marketed as a heavy duty drivetrain degreaser and brake cleaner in a can. In short, it's high-quality brake cleaner with a heavily pressurised aerosol action. This uses the stripping power of brake cleaner and a blasting action, similar to an air compressor, to get rid of grease and grime.

Being a brake cleaner, Speed Clean left no residue behind and dried quickly, meaning no further washing with water was required. As it’s made for disc brakes, it won’t damage your braking performance like an oil-based degreaser would. Just be careful not to overspray it; the blasting pressure can easily push grime off your chain and straight onto your disc rotors. Here we had success using the supplied precision tube for a more controlled spray.

The high pressure of Speed Clean made it a breeze to blast away stubborn dirt – this was its main advantage over other degreasers/brake cleaners. However, if you’re using Speed Clean to clean a drivetrain that's been neglected, you'll find it an expensive option – the 500ml quantity disappears pretty quickly.

In addition to use on brakes and small precision parts, we loved Speed Clean for final touches to a freshly degreased and scrubbed drivetrain. Speed Clean will ensure parts are sterile clean, just don’t expect it to last long if it’s your only cleaning product.

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