CycleOps Fluid 2 turbo trainer$399.95

Is the Fluid 2 a smooth operator?

BikeRadar score5/5

It's not flashy but in terms of pure performance the evolved Fluid 2 is in a class of its own.

Tubular legs with adjustable hooves kick out wide to create a super solid, broad stance base. The stability on offer gives you no doubt that you can go full gas without any worries of ending up in a heap.

Rather than using screw clamps, the offside axle cup is a blissfully simple yet effective two position 'gate' with a spiral lock drive side cam that clunks solidly into place.

The big metal roller makes it less damaging on tyres and less pressure specific than some other turbo trainers. The actual engine is super-smooth. The non adjustable 'automatic' incremental fluid resistance has a really light start and a very flat but consistent power curve.

At first it feels like it won't be enough for a proper power workout with a compact chainset. However, get it spinning in a big gear and it'll deliver 1000 watts plus of pure leg blending pain. 

CycleOps fluid 2 turbo trainer: cycleops fluid 2 turbo trainer

The CycleOps Fluid 2 is stable enough to let you go at full pelt without worry

There's excellent sustain between surges and overall action makes it as close to enjoyable as you'll get for sprints or extended spin sessions. The fan flywheel adds a bit of noise but generates some cooling and the whole unit is lifetime warrantied too.

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  • Discipline: Road
  • Location: Bristol, UK

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