Andrew Dodd

Author: Andrew Dodd

Andrew Dodd, better known as Doddy, has been a mountain bike fanatic since he first read Mountain Biking UK magazine in 1989. With 10 years working for us under his belt, he’s ridden a lot of great and terrible products and is always chopping and changing bikes to find the kit that stands up to his riding. From a cross-country background originally, he grew with the sport and regularly hammers downhill and jump bikes. He’s more than happy being thrown in at the deep end, having ridden with many of the world’s best riders in some of the most technical terrain around.

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The Nose Dives are comfortable to wear and offer decent protection

TSG Nose Dive Kneepads

TSG's Nose Dive pads are very similar to the excellent 661 Tomcats. The actual pad is a lightweight neoprene sleeve which features a removable hard cap that slides in place, so you can easily take it out for washing and have the option of running the pads under jeans for lightweight protection.

The bar and stem are rugged enough for the most rough and tumble riding

Tioga Taskforce handlebar/stem

Tioga's Taskforce kit is affordable yet stylish and functional. The bar is 680mm long with a 10-degree sweep and a medium 36mm rise. It has a standard 25.4mm clamping area but this is wide to match the Taskforce stem.

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