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Felt Triathlon and BMX bikes have always had a strong presence, but Felt's MTBs tend to drift in and out of the mountain bike consciousness. New distributor Saddleback is hoping they're here to stay this time though.

Scapin Nope



Scapin has been building super sweet mountain bikes the Italian way for a long time now without really getting the widespread recognition it deserves. But now Scapin has released the Nope for 2006

Gore Alpine Lady Paclite review



The Alpine Lady is an out and out performance cycling jacket. The sculptured, anatomical fit looks very technical and stylish alongside the baggier Berghaus jacket,

Kona Stinky Deluxe



Kona have used the basic Turner four-bar link design/ shape to great effect over the years, creating everything from super light XC race rigs through to North Shore huckers and World Championship winning downhill monsters. Some say Kona should do something new, but if something this good isn't broken, why fix it? The '06 Stinky Deluxe has the same basic design as before, and we took it to our secret test track for some West Country lovin'.

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