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Simple but effective  and good value

BBB Airwave
£14.95 4

BBB make several different track pumps, topping out at £34.95. This is the cheapest in the range (and in this test) but it's pretty good. The plastic construction makes it very light but the overall strength doesn't appear to suffer.


Topeak Joe Blow Sprint
£36.99 4.5

This pump has the pressure gauge at the top - useful for precise readings. We prefer the Sprint's back-to-back dual valve head to the SmartHead (a combined head for Presta and Schrader valves) on the up-market options.


Azonic catalyst jersey
£39.99 4

The Catalyst jersey is cut to allow body armour to fit underneath and it has a long back like most riding-specific jerseys.


Wrench Force Air Daddy
£34.99 3.5

This is the most costly of Wrench Force's three-pump range. The build quality is good, it has a very stable base and the pressure gauge is easy to view, with an adjustable indicator to show your desired pressure.


Axiom Kompress Air Pro 260
£39.95 4.5

Axiom track pumps start at £16.95 and the Air Pro is the top-end model. The big selling points are the long hose, tough Adapt-Air Plus easy-lock valve head and a gauge to measure pressure up to an ultimately pointless 260psi.


Fi'zi:k Nisene HP
£64.99 4

Few riders dislike Fi'zi:k's Wingflex saddles but some do want more padding than our own F'izi:k favourite, the superlight Gobi, offers. That's where the Nisene HP steps in.

RockShox Argyle 409 fork

RockShox Argyle 409 fork
£369.99 4.5

Based around the Pike chassis, the Argyle is its bigger, burlier brother designed for dirt jumping, street riding and freeriding. There are three versions of the fork: the base model, the 302, feature coils springs

Specialized Terra endura shorts

Specialized Terra endura shorts
£59.99 4.5

These are light and casual rather than big and baggy; they're comfy for riding and they look like normal shorts off the bike, without being overly restrictive. The lightweight liner is held with pop studs so it's easily removable for washing


Intense Spike FRO Lite 2in
£29.95 4

The Intense Spike is the most aggressive downhill tyre here and the proven racer's choice for the worst weather. Despite the tall, spiked tread and narrow width


Kenda Knarly 2.1in
£21.99 4

Kenda don't do a full downhill mud tyre, but this is a great 4X option. The spiked tread is the most dramatic here, with ranks of 4mm high hexagonal shoulder knobs, then just a handful down the centre line.

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