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High5 SuperCarb 4:1 Energy Source
£26.97 4.5

Energy drink giants High5 have launched their newest weapon in the fight against fatigue: SuperCarbs. It's reported to deliver up to 40 per cent more carbs to the working muscles than rival drinks.

On One Smoothie Regular Aheadset

On-One Smoothie Regular Aheadset
£35 4.5

As you'd expect from any bearing system related to a shed in deepest, darkest Yorkshire, this new aheadset is a true grit lover's dream. The bottom race features a top spec mechanical labyrinth seal that should still be going strong.

Helly Hansen Strive Jacket

Helly Hansen Strive Jacket
£180 3.5

The Strive is Helly Hansen's latest lightweight summer jacket. Its general sports cut means it's fairly snug and it feels good worn over T-shirts (many summer waterproofs feel quite 'sticky' in use).


DMR Transition Tyre
£19.95 4.5

Street and skatepark riding has finally become fully acceptable for MTBs, and DMR make several products for this purpose.The Transition tyre is great for those who have been using the Moto tyre for street or skatepark use and have suffered pinch flats.


Crank Brothers Acid Pedals
£70 4.5

After spotting a gap in the range between the ultra minimal Eggbeater cross-country pedal and the Mallet downhill pedal, Crank Brothers have come up with the Acid - an all-mountain clipless pedal with caged support that's available in two versions.


BBB Mountain Base
£26.95 4

BBB do a big range of saddles, from light and flighty to hefty and hardcore like this one. It's another long seat that provides loads of potential for sliding your weight backwards and forwards without leaving the saddle.


DMR Sidekick 2
£899 4

Developed as the little brother to DMR's legendary Trailstar, the 26in-wheeled Sidekick has become a fully fledged jump and BSX beast in its own right, and now there's a second, lower priced, incarnation available.

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