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Retina Burn

Oakley glasses are favoured by many a cyclist, and the Radars are the latest performance glasses- following in the vein of the M-frame.


Shocking stuff

Having your shock set up correctly on a DH bike is a must - we see a lot of riders with poorly set-up bikes that can hold the rider back. On most shocks there are a few adjustments you can make - spring pre-load and rebound are the basics, and compression adjustments follow on better shocks.


What's in your pack?

Reading Jez's blog on the rubbish he has in his commuting bag got me thinking about the amount of swag I drag out on a Sunday ride...

Fox Shox amp apos  DHX 50 Air shock is a lightweight shock for the heavyweight crowd

Fox DHX 5.0 Air shock
£349 4.5

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of air shocks for downhill riding. Some people say air isn't reliable enough to use as a spring, and others say air shocks aren't reliable enough full stop. Fox's DHX 5 confounds the naysayers.

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