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Andrew Dodd

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    The Wildcard 3 shorts will keep you warm in typically changeable UK weather



    Riding in trousers can be a hassle, but riding in shorts can be very cold and wet in the UK. However, Sombrio's no-nonsense brushed herringbone shorts made from thick waterproof nylon not only look cool, they also keep you warm.

    Burgtec Penthouse Flat Pedals



    These are improved versions of the original Penthouse Flats. Like its predecessor, the pedal body is huge and spins on EN24T steel axles with ultra high quality bushings. But that's where the similarity ends.Gone is the old flat body, and in its place is this new concave pedal with a parallelogram shape to accommodate the new pin system that uses 16 bolts (they screw in from the opposite side of the pedal).

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