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A Wolf Ridge  today

In between the nasty sitting down and wearing away our fingerprints stuff, we’re out product testing and liaising with the industry. This morning it wasn’t raining- it was in fact sunny, and we were out mud-plugging in Bristol with ATB Sales- UK importers of Marin bicycles.

New for 2008 are two handy pockets   just big enough for keys and your phone


These latest shorts from Royal are about as lairy as things get, but they have a whole heap of features that make them great for regular riding

Sometimes it s tidy in here

I often get asked if there's much conflict between my job and my passion. Yes - there totally is, but I live and breathe bikes. As far as I'm concerned there is no other way - I always will...

Sounds fast

OK, so this may be a big mistake for the self-confessed full suspension addict, but I always used to race hard tails, and used to love the lively feel of a well-made frame. Since my recent visit to Charge Bikes HQ I've been staring at my new frame wondering what to spec her up with, but now I've got some stuff on order, I thought you may as well take a peek at the slender little number...

Marzocchi 888 RC3 WC


Having a Marzocchi fork on the front of your steed is a sure-fire way of knowing you have a fork that can deal with anything the trail throws at it, and the new 888 RC3 WC is no different.

 Team Stealth Jackets  members two and three

Mountain bikers are some of the hardiest fools around- whilst families are queueing up outside cosy country pubs for Sunday lunch and students are sleeping off tinnitus and gout, we’re out in the mud and filth, shredding the best trails around in our beautiful countryside...

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