Author: Dr Giles P Croft

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Q&A: Mending Bones

I was halfway round the first recce lap of the first cyclocross race of the season when my forks snapped… In addition to re-separating the collarbone I managed to break a rib and a knuckle. To try to speed up the healing I've paid for laser and magnetic treatment (on the collarbone) and a shoulder brace. Is there anything else I can do to speed up the recovery and get me back on the bike sooner?


Q&A - Pain in the bum

Q. After a recent ride I was in some discomfort on my left sit bone - not saddle sore, it felt deeper around the bone itself. If I stick to short rides, up to the point it becomes painful, will that just make my recovery take that much longer?  


Q&A - Chronic fatigue

Q. In spring 2005 I was told I probably had Post Viral Fatigue (aka ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). How do I build up my fitness for cycling again?

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