Author: Dr. Chris Fenn

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Nutrition - Gut reactions

Reach for a pint of milk in a supermarket and you'll find that the dairy counter has been bugged. Probiotic drinks such as Actimel and Yakult, as well as the supermarket's own versions of these, seem to promise instant health from 'gulps of goodness'.

Fats found in nuts are vital for health

Nutrition - The Right Fats

How many calories did you say were in that KitKat? Don't get obsessed with cutting down, just eat well with Dr Chris Fenn's guide to not-so-naughty alternatives

Wheat based cereals are a better choice

Nutrition - Cereals for cyclists

Time is precious and if you live life at a fast pace, you probably like to grab a quick snack in-between rides or before cycling to work. However, if your idea of refuelling is to eat a bowl of breakfast cereal

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