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Author: Guy Kesteven

Guy Kesteven has been testing bikes to their limits for 17 years. In the process of testing literally thousands of bikes and components, he’s marathon raced supermarket bikes, podium placed in Enduro downhills, frozen to the marrow on cyclocross sportives and mangled himself at the Mega Avalanche. Whether it's aggro trail bikes, aero time trial weapons or any bike in between, the experience and expertise of Guy and his northern UK test team lets him put every pedal stroke and bar twitch totally in context with a bike’s competitors, its development history and a cerebellum crushing amount of hard earned long term data.

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An already great tyre made even better

Michelin Mountain X’trem Expert
£29.99 4.5

Michelin's Mountain X'trem Expert tyre has been a test favourite for a while, and now they've tweaked the recipe to make it even better. The Comp 24 DH-based tread, with soft grey compound over harder base compound tread, still has the same insanely grippy performance as before.


Q&A - BB height

You often read in tests that a bike has a low or high bottom bracket, but what measurement does that refer to

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