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Altura Altitude
£40 4.5

The Altura Altitude shorts have been among our favourite budget baggies for years and now they've been upgraded with new fabric. The new Cordura skin is tougher, less shiny and softer than the old upholstery, giving a real quality feel


Hutchinson Piranha Tyre
£29.99 4

If Hutchinson do one thing better than anyone else it's producing high volume/ low weight tyres. The new low profile tread Piranha and full profile Barracuda are available with a variety of widths, bead materials and casing types.


Identiti 1420 Rebate fork
£120 5

Identiti are easily the most productive UK-based mountain bike component company right now, with a constant stream of new products hitting the shelves and more in development all the time.


Hypnotic Hankster
£90 4

Hypnotic are a small US firm loved by hardworking bike couriers and these soft 3/4 length shorts are very popular. The soft fabric looks a lot like those indestructible trousers your gran wears and now we know why..


Howies Turnmill
£60 3.5

These Howies shorts are so new we got one of only two sample pairs. They're worth waiting for though. The relaxed 100 per cent cotton fit feels great from new, with a hidden drawstring waist to take up any slack.

Kona DH Shorts

Kona DH Shorts
£40 4.5

Kona don't just produce bombproof bikes, as these impressively robust long-leg shorts prove. Heavyweight Cordura cloth marks them out as seriously crash and thrashproof, but they're still light and mobile enough for you to ride all day in them.

Cheap but fairly cheerful bibshorts

Halfords Bicycle-Line
£24.99 3.5

The six-panel cut relies on stretch in the shiny fabric, but the fit is fine when you're on the bike. Leg grippers and an elastic waist keep the shorts anchored and you get white piping for a bit of aesthetic garnish too.


Lusso Tember
£44.99 3

Lusso are another UK company with an excellent performance-for-price reputation, but the Tembers aren't quite there yet.


Oakley Remix Shorts
£89.99 3.5

Oakley set their own style rules and these shorts come straight from the techno ghetto and on to the trails. Big rubberised logos and a 3D neoprene back panel with a metal icon logo give classic Oakley pimp appeal.

Raceface DH shorts

Raceface DH shorts
£79.95 4.5

Most downhill shorts are too stiff to be comfortable beyond a few runs, but these can be worn all day long. The soft polyester-faced Cordura fabric is intricately cut so it drapes around your legs perfectly.


Nike Pro Bib
£79.99 3.5

The Pro Bibs use an innovative multi-panel Swift cut that includes mesh venting strips down the back of the legs and aerodynamic mesh thigh strips around the base of the legs.

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