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The Supreme is still a heavyweight  but it amp apos s lost a few pounds since the previous incarnation

Kona Stab Supreme
£3600 3.5

Kona really know how to get the best from their riders, in frame development as well as results. The Stab Supreme has been guided to many a victory by Tracy Moseley and double World Champ Fabien Barel.

The Trailfox will be sold in the UK as a frame only rig

BMC Trailfox 01
£3000 3.5

BMC are a Swiss company that have made a name for themselves on the road scene, mainly by being the bike providers for the Phonak pro team.


Cateye Double Shot Pro
£180 4

Another really neat twin LED system, but Cateye's focused output makes this a specific use special.The two high powered LEDs both use spot lenses to give a really far reaching beam that'll out-range a lot of normal HID lights.


Dinotte Dual 5W Li-Ion
£245 4.5

Just running one of the 5W Luxeon lamps (3W also available) on this LED system gives good coverage and depth for a decent pace on technical trails.

The Mount Vision is a first class bike from Marin

Marin Mount Vision
£2295 4.5

There are big changes for Marin in 2007, with longtime designer Jon Whyte leaving and a new chassis for their popular full suspension cross-country bikes appearing.


Electron 16 LED System
£70 3.5

Budget light providers Electron go fly-eyed with this pair of multi LED headlamps, but the output doesn't match the overall design detail.

Neat touches abound on the hand made frame

Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC70
£2995 4

Rocky Mountain's 2006 Slayer really did slaughter technical descents but its heavy weight and squishy stock suspension made it murder on the climbs. For 2007, the SXC drops frame fat and re-levers the shock to create a true all-rounder.

Bontrager Select Aero

Bontrager Select Aero
£134.99 4

With 30mm deep semi-aero rims, a low spoke count (20 front, 20 rear) and good looking hubs, these Bontys appear lighter than they are. The rims are welded at the joint, then machined for a smooth braking surface.


Halo Aerorage
£200 4.5

Halo are known for their affordable yet top quality mountain bike wheels and now they're heading into the road market. These are impressive wheels and worth every penny.


Niterider MiNewt
£150 4.5

Niterider have been making lights for ages, but this neat new LED is part of a wholly revamped range and we're very impressed.The single high power LED pumps out a decent central punch that fades out towards the edges


£184.95 3.5

The RD88s are far from the lightest wheels but they do have a desirable list of features.

Lumicycle Li Ion Halogen

Lumicycle Li-Ion Halogen
£240 4

This Halogen set lets you run a huge range of bulbs (5-35W, spot or flood) with the 12W spot, 20W Flood being their most popular setup. The big over-volted flood gives huge peripheral coverage for low-to-mid speed technical riding,

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