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Q&A - Ringing the changes

Q: I have a standard 9-speed Dura-Ace chainset (53-39) but would like to reduce my gearing. I've seen 50 (maybe even 49) tooth outer and 38 tooth inner chainrings advertised - will these work without difficulty or would I have to make other adjustments too?

Q amp A   The chain case

Q&A - The chain case

Q: I commute three miles each way to work and back throughout the year. It is a constant battle to keep the exposed gear train clean and lubricated. Rim brakes gradually wear away the rim and generate a lot of dirt too.

Burrows Ratracer SL

Burrows Ratracer SL
£1250 4

For laid back riding with cutting edge bike design look no further than the latest creation from Mike Burrows which combines asymmetry and rhetoric like never before.

The Cannondales look pretty good for a race shoe

Cannondale RE5000
£159 4

A classic-looking race shoe with just enough pearl white to avoid the 'cor, they look pimpy!' jibes. The blend of silver and matt black reinforcements breaks up bulk and gives a light and airy look to the shoe.

The Altea II Plus gives a really good fit  and is also light and airy

Nike Altea II Plus
£109.99 4

A high-end entry-level shoe for the keen racer who wants a simple and light shoe, the Altea II Plus is nevertheless very keenly priced with many features.

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