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Rob Weaver

Author: Rob Weaver

Rob started riding mountain bikes seriously in 1993 racing cross-country, though he quickly moved to downhill where he competed all over the world. He now spends most of his time riding trail bikes up and down hills. Occasionally he'll jump into an enduro race.

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    Good protection but slightly irritating pads



    Dakine have taken notice of how mountain biking is developing, and are designing their equipment to satisfy these new needs. The Defenders, as the name would suggest, are built to protect.

    The bar feels nicely natural and gives great control



    The Full-On bar offers a generous 28in (710mm) width, with a choice of 30mm or 50mm rise. The backsweep of 8 degrees along with the upsweep of 5.5 degrees feels natural and gives excellent control.

    Bilt Busta Stem



    The Bilt stem is a simple and effective piece of equipment. The two pinch-bolt steerer fastening at the back does give the stem a somewhat bulky look, but this is compensated for by the sheer lack of complication in design. With a zero degree

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