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Author: Seb Rogers

Seb has been riding mountain bikes for a bit over 20 years. He started it as a way of escaping university lectures, and has been using it as an excuse to skip off work ever since. With six years in bike retail and another 15 as a freelance bike photographer and writer, Seb's racing career isn't a highlight. His best result was a beer-fuelled fourth in the singlespeed category at the Cheddar Challenge, but that was too long ago to count. He has racked up more miles than he cares to remember on hundreds of test bikes all over the world.

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Seb Rogers    Marin Rift Zone

Marin Rift Zone
£1795 4.5

Marin's popular Rift Zone has had a complete makeover for 2007. Those swoopy curves will grab the headlines, but the suspension has been completely reworked too and it now offers an inch more rear travel over last year's model.

Mongoose Canaan Elite

Mongoose Canaan Elite
£1500 4

There was a time when no self-respecting crosscountry racer would contemplate riding a full suspension bike. But times change, and Mongoose's Canaan Elite is aimed at wannabe racers who like their trails both fast and smooth.


Saracen Ariel 3
£1500 4

The Saracen Ariel 3 is designed for riders who tolerate the climbs so that they can enjoy hammering the descents. So is it a viable all-day companion?The chassisSaracen's designers have solved a lot of long travel-related hassles -

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