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Warren Rossiter

Warren Rossiter

Senior Technical Editor

Approaching two decades of testing bikes, Warren can be found on a daily basis riding and exploring the road and off roads of Wiltshire's Salisbury Plain in the UK. That's when he's not travelling the world to test the latest kit, components and bikes.

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Reimann P20 Sunscreen



The summer is great for long day rides in great weather. However if, like me, that means just one thing - burning - you need to think about your protection.

Bianchi HoC 928

In recent years Bianchi have kept a fresh yearly line-up of bikes through simple tweaks and cosmetic changes. The 2007 range was highly developed, but it could be criticized for falling behind big brands Scott and Specialized and falling short of the technical innovations of smaller companies such as BMC and Cérvelo.

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