Best cross-country mountain bikes - Eurobike 2014

Hardtails and short-travel race rockets

While enduro bikes may have stolen the spotlight at the Eurobike tradeshow this year, there were still a number of interesting cross-country models on display.

While 27.5in wheels have gained traction on longer-travel models, the 29in wheel appears to still reign supreme on the XC racecourse. Many companies are incorporating 27.5in wheels into smaller-sized frames for improved fit, though most are sticking with the big hoops on medium and larger sizes.

Nearly every high-end cross-country bike on display at this year’s show was sporting a RockShox RS-1 upfront. When painted to match the chassis, the RS-1 gives these bikes a very clean, integrated look. Click through the gallery for a look at some of next year’s fastest mountain bikes.

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