Doddy's Skye picture diary

Exclusive pictures from our Scottish shoot

A hell of a lot of work has gone into our special Scotland issue. As it was the 250th edition of Mountain Biking UK we really wanted to pull out all the stops.

But we didn't bank on the conditions the coldest winter in more than 30 years would throw at us.

Snow riding is fun as an occasional treat. But after a while it does get a bit old ...  Still, even Doddy was taken aback by the -14C conditions that awaited him and Scott Beaumont when they headed up to Skye for the issue's cover and feature shoot.

Refusing to be beaten by the weather our man and four-cross genius Scott hit Skye's sub-zero landscape along with MBUK regular snapper Russ Burton for some serious wilderness riding – and had the time of their lives.

Scroll down for Doddlar's Skye photo diary. Yep, it really was that beautiful, and it's IN THE UK! What are you waiting for?

You can read more about the Skye trip in the latest issue of Mountain Biking UK, which hits shops on Wednesday 7 April. We've got an interview with Skye homeboy and street trials starDanny MacAskill too.

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Scott, russ and doddy about to get snowed in at fort william:

Scott, Russ and Doddy escaped Fort William just as they were about to get snowed in ...

The drive up to skye was a frosty one - a mere minus 14:

It was a mere -14C outside the car. Frosty!

The highlands - living up to their name:

The Highlands on the trip up to Skye. Simply stunning

The road to skye was simply stunning:

Just another epic picture!: just another epic picture!

More cracking scenery on the journey up to Skye

MBUK snapper russ burton sees an opportunity:

Yet another picture perfect opportunity

We're on the road to nowhere!:

Are we nearly there yet?

Doddy - taller than the old man of storr. official:

Doddy on Skye. Taller that the old man of Storr – official

Scott beaumont finds his spiritual home, round the corner from danny mac's gaff:

Scott Beaumont finds his spiritual home. Just round the corner from Danny Mac's gaff

Nope, it's not canada, honest:

Nope, it's not Canada

The 'safe' road home was even harder:

The so called 'safe' road home!

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