Fort Bill kicks off...

That's right - it's that time of year again, only it's strangely warm and dry this year. Walking around the pits it's actually hot and dusty...

And word round the campfire says the downhill track is really loose. The turns are blowing out in the dust and the 4X track isn't a million miles away from that.

Walking around the pits has unveiled a few cool things - the MS Racing Intense Team have the biggest set-up here and the who's who of mountain biking are working on their tans. 

Good news is that Josh Bryceland is up and running - with his weird compression pack thing - and he's also sporting a hidden "Rennie White Trash" hair do. Rennie looks boss with his, but we're not sure that Miami Bryce pulls it off quite the same..!

The tremendous Atherton family are here in force again, and are looking to knock seven shades out of the rest of the biking fraternity, and we hear Jared Graves is on form and looking for a win in tonight's 4X.

Anyhow, the sound system is pumping out and the riders are getting warmed up, so I'm off to check out the 4X action - more news later...

Author: Doddy

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