Have your cake and eat it...

Because I ride a bike I can eat what I want right?

Two hours and 10 minutes into a ride and it's cake stop time so what do I have? Easy really, coffee and walnut cake. If I see coffee and walnut cake I have to have it...

But what's this? Aaaah, a breakfast bap. Sausages, bacon and fried egg. Well, I deserve it don't I? After all I've been moving, using my own body's energy systems, for a couple of hours. Surely the protein in this big boy is just what I need.

Oooooh, chips. Potatoes are carbs aren't they? And after eight years in the sport and fitness game I know that I've got something like a 30-minute window after exercise to replenish the glycogen I've just burned off. Oh and the tea? Well, it was a chilly day.

There you go, that's a typical cakestop menu for the CPlus's editor. My body is, quite obviously, not an especially well-maintained temple. If I were what I ate I'd be a mixture of cakes, chocolate and crisps - current favourite cheese and onion Hula Hoops -  hydrated by red wine, with some of that healthy stuff chucked in. And do I care? Nah - a little bit of what you fancy does you a hell of a lot of good. And anyway, who'd bother with a cakestop if all you actually stopped for was a glass of water and a stick of celery? 

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