If you look good, you feel good...

Forget Gok Wan or Trinny and Susannah, there's only one makeover worth talking about. Cycling Plus is now bang on trend!

If you're a subscriber then no doubt you've noticed something a bit different about the Cycling Plus which dropped on to your doormat in the last few days. We've had something of a makeover...

That's right - look at the picture of the editor and you'll notice my brand new nose and barely noticeable hair plugs...Actually that's wishful thinking, but the magazine, of course, has changed. If you've been reading us for a while we hope that you like it - we do - and if you've never read us before, or have maybe missed a few issues, we hope that you're tempted to have a look inside.

Once inside, I'm confident that you'll like what you find. We've visually spruced up every single section of the magazine, but that doesn't mean we've compromised on the really important bits - the words. Our bike tests are still the most comprehensive in the business, and the brand new Road Tested section will bring you honest reviews of products that we've used day in day out. Our fitness, training and nutrition advice is clearer and easier to understand than ever before - and therefore easier to make real-life use of - and we'll continue to bring you the best cycling features, both in terms of words and pictures, out there.

Right that's the advert over. I hope that you like the new Cycling Plus and let me know what you think!

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Cycling Plus is the magazine partner of the Etape Caledonia - 81-miles of stunning riding on closed roads around Pitlochry.

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