Interbike 2011: Operation desert storm day 2

Guy Kesteven reports from Bootleg Canyon, Nevada

Day 2 of the BikeRadar desert storm operation in Bootleg Canyon prior to Interbike and we pretty much ticked every possible base. Including a torrential rain and lightning storm which missed us by about 300ft.

Demo Days proper still haven't started yet but thanks to some top industry insiders we’re well ahead of the game. 6:30am and its the Yeti YB66 and Giant Reign X.0 enjoying the dawn light.

10:30 we’re meeting Lars and Mark from Scott at the diner to grab a pair of Sparks (one in each wheel size) and a Foil. Steak and eggs downed we hook up with Derek at Specialized and plunder a Venge, and two Enduros and swipe a Santa Cruz TRc from Josh for good measure. By 3:30 we’ve shot the road bikes and we’re heading into the desert again, hooking up with Andy from Marin with Mount Visions and Rift Zones plus Pat and Pete from Salsa to preview their brand new Horsethief.

We’re ripping all our favourite shooting points from previous years but sheltering behind rocks as the lightning smashes into the desert close enough to smell it doesn't do our schedule any favours. Unsurprisingly it’s pitch dark by the time we finally call time on a photoshoot that leaves an image of Rob Weaver exploding a berm into dust under a full moon as the last digital memory of the day.

We'll be in the desert again at 6am tomorrow, hunting cover shots in the dawn light on the Sparks and getting the Specializeds sideways like we have everything else today. Right now though, this shower need a shower and some dinner.

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