Iron Horse Sunday and other new stuff...

Sunday, December 24, 2006 12.00am

Evening folks,
Thought I'd update date you on a couple of things before I say over and out for X-mas...
Just got a 2007 Iron Horse Sunday World Cup for test- it's a hot looking bike and is going to get thrashed this X-mas- when the relatives turn their backs to hoff in a mince pie, I'll be off out testing...

Looks mint eh? Well, maybe a little more lime...

The Rockshox Lyrik that I've been riding for a while has suffered from a minor problem with the 2-step system. Sometimes we get early press samples that have the odd niggle, so I was pleased to receive a production pair yesterday- just in time to fit to the Enduro for some all-mountain testing. I've got a bit of time off over X-mas so will probably venture out a fair bit to work off the mince pies...

Also, I've been riding the Pace RC41 Fighter fork- been out in the slop a fair bit recently. It's really light in use, and feels nearly as stiff as the bigger stanchioned Rockshox Lyriks and Fox 36.
The damping feels good- but you'll have to wait to read the reveiw in the magazine to get the full low-down...

Finally, make sure you lock your bikes up properly if you're going away at Christmas- there's a lot of scum about that think they deserve your stuff. I've got four of these Kryptonite locks and two ground anchors- I lock my bikes together, to the ground anchors and to my house...
Sure, if someone really wants to nick something, they sure will, but a good lock will lessen the chances.

Right, now that my girlfriends family have just rolled up, I'm wrapping up for X-mas. Three days of grazing, playing games and more than a few beers- a long awaited rest this year!
See y'all in 2007- hopefully out on the trails.

Yo Ho Ho...

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