MBUK Readers' Rides - July 2014

Your riding photos – the best of the rest!

With only three or four pages in our Send It! section each month, loads of great readers' photos were going unseen. Well, no more! We'll be publishing the pics that don't quite make the cut right here on BikeRadar. Click through the thumbnails above to see if you and your mates have made it in...

Why isn’t my pic here?

It may have been too small (photos need to be at least 1,600 pixels wide and 900 pixels tall), too blurred or grainy, or just so well shot that we suspected it was the work of a pro photographer and didn’t want to run it in case we got sued! Or we may have just got distracted by a shiny new bike and overlooked it... Either way, you can always try resending it to MBUK@bikeradar.com. You never know though – we might even be holding on to it for a future issue of the mag.

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