Old bikes don't die...

They just become avant garde sculptures down by the canal.

The towpath alongside the Kennet and Avon canal is brimming with bikes. At the weekend it's pretty much impossible to ride (or walk) along the path without running into dozens of other riders. And the barge-dwellers, rather wisely, have a huge selection of bikes strapped to their floating homes so that they can ride into Bath when they need to stock up on food and rainbow jumpers...

Some of the machines that the permanent bargees own are pretty knackered - rusty old Raleigh folders or garage forecourt MTBs that could really do with a bit of oil. Others are a little more exotic - three wheeled machines with improvised trailers. On my Sunday ride there was even a Bianchi Pista fixie leaning seductively against a narrow boat.

But my favourite bike spot this weekend was the 'bike sculpture' sitting atop half an old tree. No idea how it got there, who did it, or why, but I like it!

Rob Spedding
Author: Rob Spedding
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