Ric's Irish Adventure: Part 2

By Ric McLaughlin | Thursday, June 24, 2010 9.30am

Hello all, sorry for the delay on getting this out to you all in cyber-land - wifi was pretty hard to find in the hotel/Ireland as a whole. We did however get a jacuzzi in our room though so fair play I suppose. Probably didn't need the wall of mirrors behind it mind...

You'll have to wait until issue 254 (on sale 28th July) to read my full report on the Ballyhoura trails but I've got to admit to having mixed reactions to it.

It was a bit like The Stone Roses, The Second Coming I could see what they were trying to do but the end product sort of escaped me.

There was lots of traversing as opposed to going up or down and a lot of fire-roading. As I say though, you can read the full account in 254 accompanied with some visually pleasing snaps from the one and only James Porteous.

Got to say though, trails aside - the Transition Covert was amazing. Big, fast and plush yet happy enough to spin all day, nuf said. I even managed to blag it on the plane with zero excess baggage - both ways! I played the old "I had NO idea that that was the weight limit! My work booked it for me! I'm so, so sorry..." 

One thing that's impossible not to love about riding over here though is Club Orange! The original Belfast-made super drink has smashed Red Bull and any other sugary beverage straight off the top of my charts - I'm sorry I ever left you! I'm now considering

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