Road Rage...

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It's true - bike riders can get road rage with other riders just like car drivers do to everyone else on the road. My commute to work in the morning- if not going for a proper ride - is a pretty basic affair.

I hang a right out my front door, then coast to the end of the road, and round the next few turns- making the most of the slight downhill. Hitting a right hander, I have to wind it up a bit and get out the saddle for a brief climb- and given that I'm normally riding a daft bike to work like a DH or jump bike, means hammering it just to get up it. After a few turns at the top, there's a fast DH to a main road- which I normally manual down before hitting the main road and cruise in to the office.

This morning I saw a guy on a road bike pootling up that first climb. With a slightly thick head from a crap nights sleep, I couldn't sit in behind him so I caned it past him. Once at the top I began my descent as usual- coasting- and he freewheeled past me on his narrow tyred machine.

Obviously I couldn't have that, so I wound it up again and sailed past him in the middle of the road on the back wheel- manualling all the way to the junction where I pulled a swift stoppie at the end. I guess this pissed him off. With a grunt, he caned straight out on to the main road without looking and tried to get one over on me.

But that simply wasn't going to happen- as I was pissed off now. My rear mech gave a couple of definite clunks as I shifted for a full on sprint, and as the road cleared my gate start began. I don't think my front wheel touched the floor until I was halfway through the cassette. Rapidly getting closer to him, the traffic was the only thing slowing him down so I took to dirty measures.

Down the middle of the road.
Up on the pavement for a split second to undertake a car.
Back in the middle of the road.
And past him.

This time he didn't catch me, and I rolled up outside the office with a smug grin and a set of burning lungs - and it felt good.

It's the first morning in a week that I arrived at work feeling alive. The blood coursing through my veins was ready for the day. Not the best move in the world I admit. And certainly not the way I normally ride to work. Some people would call me irresponsible. But they just don't understand.
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