Tinkering in the rain

On those wet and windy Saturday afternoons, there's sometimes nothing more satisfying than a pint of tea and some bike tinkering...

It's thumping it down outside and I'm sitting at home watching Home- a fantastic new MTB film that's reviewed in next issue- with a massive mug of scruff. With hob nobs at the ready I undertake some theraputic wheel building- this time some 32 hole Mavic EX823 UST rims on the lush Burgtec hubs. A nice lightweight pair for my Socom, which is awaiting some needed love before I depart for Whistler next week.

A worker never works without tea.: i use yorkshire tea bags, should you wonder

I'm the first person to moan when it's windy and wet outside, but on days like this I really don;t mind- I'll get my riding fix later instead. The oily smell of the spokes and the metallic smell of my new rims is enough to fuel up on- especially as I'm watching Ruaridh Cunningham on the box. And he's flying.

When I used to be a mechanic, I'd always try and save up my wheel builds until a Friday- it was a nice way to end the week. I guess only a mechanic would understand what I mean when I find it relaxing lacing up a few pairs of wheels and patiently truing them to perfection. There's something calming as everything is right there in front of you, and it's almost like problem solving. Of a different kind- of course- to repairing Mrs Wilkinsons Sturmy Archer hub. Which would normally involve of lots of swearing and throwing things.

But the rain's still beating down here, and it's so windy even the doors inside the flat are slamming. And the windows are shut.

Both my cats are staying in the warm and dry, and Ruth's parked up for the duration- catching up on some Z's while I tinker away. Perfect.

When I'm back at the office I'll be getting to work on my Socom, adding a few bits and getting her ready for the pilgrimage to Whistler- but more on that after I've finished being all dreamy and nostalgic. I think I'm going to drag out Sprung 2 next for an old days reminder. That'll get me fired up to ride...

Laced and ready to true: whistler, here we come...

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