Drifting through the corners.

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Re: Drifting through the corners.

Postby Blind Danny Johnson » Thu Oct 11, 2012 22:39 pm

lochussie wrote:All I can do is agree, the few times I have drifted I have been really forcing myself to go into a corner faster than I think is a good idea. Feels great though. In the pro vids, I especially like it when they drift the rear end out the opposite way as they go to the outside on the approach to a corner then the other way through the corner.

I believe that's called a scandinavian flick and it's not exclusively/originally a bike thing:


As for drifting I've been practicing this lots recently and some corners are easier than others, looser corners are best to start because you need less speed to drift and off camber helps too so you can get the feel of drifting without necessarily needing loads of speed. After a while as you get used to that feeling and get used to cornering faster in general you'll feel it happening. I can't induce it as and when yet but every now and again I get it and it's awesome.

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