Canyon owners beware

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Re: Canyon owners beware

Postby ddraver » Sat Dec 01, 2012 20:08 pm

I use the Fenwicks concentrated stuff - Same price as Muc-Off, but lasts 10 times as long.

Even longer as you can dilute more than they reccommend so you don't have the problems the OP had, it makes a decent enough chain degreaser too, although if you re a cleaning pimp, then the proper ones are better...
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Re: Canyon owners beware

Postby paulneenan76 » Sat Dec 01, 2012 23:17 pm

I've used muc off diluted by half, and have done for a few years, and never had a problem. Often get told pre-ride that my bikes too clean :D

I also use a watering can filled from the water butt. It works.

Having said all the above, I'm building up a carbon rame, with a matte finish, and am wondering if I might need to switch to a product more suited to carbon.
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Re: Canyon owners beware

Postby AMcK » Mon Dec 03, 2012 08:22 am

njee20 wrote:That's a bold claim!

It may be, but I've been riding with Shackster for years, and he's the epitome of OCD when it comes to his bike.

Anyway - I've an anodized frame, use a bit of muc off, a bucket of hot water and various brushes. Chain degreaser on the chain, obviously.

And wipe the frame dry and then wipe it again with a GT85-soaked bit of shop towel to give it a nice finish.

No problems with muc off though. The paint seems quite tough to me - except where I've completely worn the paint away where the inside of my left heel rubs against the rear stay when out of the saddle - but I don't think I can sue Canyon for that!
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