My first night ride coming soon,any tips???

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Re: My first night ride coming soon,any tips???

Postby Bartimaeus » Sat Nov 10, 2012 17:23 pm

paulneenan76 wrote:stop for a nice pint in a nice pub with a nice fire and a welcoming landlord!!

+ 1 pint and wasabi nuts

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Re: My first night ride coming soon,any tips???

Postby fent » Tue Nov 13, 2012 13:13 pm

[quote="paulneenan76"]Prepare your pack better than you normally do to cover more difficult conditions. Changing a tube is easy but puncture repair is a pain in the dark, biting wind, rain, snow and -7.
Definitely take more layers for warmth and dryness. You can't put on what you havnt packed.

^This is essential,

Cannock is a shortish ride but not if you come off / have mechanical issues. The list below is based on my experience which I now consider essentials. I have found out the hard way from not having some of these on my first night ride.

my kit includes
3 spare tubes + pump
warm layers
spare torch / light
decent pack of tools
food and drink
phone with GPS
basic first aid kit
If you don't know the area then a map so you can locate the nearest road access to you in emergencies (yes this sounds ott but believe me it can be priceless)

plus, in the car
waterproofs / warm jacket
flask of hot drink
more food

I have learnt my lesson from not having some of the above which i won't do again. I now find that knowing I am more prepared increases my confidence and I enjoy it more.

Have fun
and this was supposed to be my 'cheaper' hobby
Orange Alpine for fun, Spesh hard rock for off road commute and maybe a road bike too soon.

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