29er Full Suspension -what one!

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Re: 29er Full Suspension -what one!

Postby lostboysaint » Wed Feb 13, 2013 17:24 pm

They're a brand that's snuck along under the radar quite nicely until BR gave the 26 Bandit their "Connoisseurs Choice" and Roo at IMB got all excited about his Covert and then the Bandit 29.

I couldn't really give a fark what you buy and if you go elsewhere then there'll be less of them around so I'll still be fairly exclusive.

I do still love Yetis though (haven't sold the ASR, just moved on to the Bandit) so know where you're coming from.
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Re: 29er Full Suspension -what one!

Postby 29addict » Thu Feb 14, 2013 09:25 am

just ruled transition out as found out who the nearest dealer was and I'm not buying a bike from them! Was looking at the Kona Satori last night and am giving that some serious consideration - I'm on the King Kahuna atm and rate it very very highly wouldn't sell it if my back was in better shape -the Satori has a longer fork than I was looking at and although I didn't want to buy complete the build is pretty damn good and for the money it is in comparison to the frames I've been looking at I'd have room to chop and change within my budget - anyone ridden one? seen one?

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Re: 29er Full Suspension -what one!

Postby Groves6700 » Tue Mar 26, 2013 22:00 pm

You seem to have forgotten about the Pyga. Here's a review:
Trust me, no bribes here. We can't afford them. Just an awesome bike. You'll struggle to find one in the Uk as there are currently only 2. Our first drop arrives in around a week. If you go to Singletrack world and find Frankers, he has the only one other than our demo bike. There will also be a test on here (Bikeradar) and MBUK soon too. We do have a demo bike but it is with magazines at the moment. Get in touch with me if you like. http://www.r53sport.com/ and ask for Craig.

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Re: 29er Full Suspension -what one!

Postby bikeleasingco » Sun Mar 31, 2013 08:12 am

29addict wrote:
lostboysaint wrote:
29addict wrote:Yeah I have seen that in reviews- I'm just always a bit wary of reviews as you don't know how much of a bribe they've had! always nice to hear from someone who actually rides one... so it's another step toward a yeti

I own and ride a Bandit 26, I switched from Yeti (ASR).

I have ridden the Bandit 29, it's the only 29 I'd think of switching from 26 to, that's despite also riding a fair number, including the Scott Spark which is also very highly regarded (and I liked).

was trying soo hard to ignore the transition! too many options as it is.. but I am going to look into it now - prefer the look of the Yeti though... Someone just mentioned the Turner Sultan which I don't know about- similar issue with appearance as the Orange but I don't find it quite as offensive but the bike does look a bit heavy...

That Bandit 29er is hard to ignore:)

We've got a demo build kit 1 for you to try if you're interested.

We should be able to get you the Felt Edict 29 to try out as well.

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Re: 29er Full Suspension -what one!

Postby Carthorse73 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 19:38 pm

One of the lads I ride with has just built up a Santa Cruz Tallboy - it's made an amazing difference to his riding, round Llandegla on sections where I'd drop him previously on his hardtail he's now almost out of sight, the bikes just awesomely fast. He's carrying so much more speed everywhere its untrue.

If I wasn't a total shortarse I'd be saving like mad for one as well. :roll:

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Re: 29er Full Suspension -what one!

Postby spodomodo » Mon Apr 01, 2013 23:26 pm

I've had my SC Tallboy LTc for less than a week. It's an amazing bike fast and nimble.Height mightn't be an issue for you I'm 5'10" and the large is a perfect fit - the stand over height is low so a medium could work for you.

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Re: 29er Full Suspension -what one!

Postby frogstomp » Fri Apr 05, 2013 14:28 pm


I've just built up a Salsa Horsethief frame and took it to CyB for it's first outing last weekend.. normally ride my Zesty there but I was so impressed with how the 'Thief rode that the former is now likely to be surplus to requirements. Felt very stable and plush on the rocks and downhill sections but still managed to climb well.. and overall didn't feel unwieldy like some of the 29ers I've tried.

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