Vote Peaty for BBC Sports Personality of the Year

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Vote Peaty for BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Postby Paddy@Podge » Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:40 am



The 2006 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award may have prompted critical opinions that British sporting success stories have been a bit thin on the ground this year. This is definitely not the case in mountain biking where Britain's Tracy Moseley and Steve Peat took the overall UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup Champion titles. In Steve's case, it's the third time he's won this impressive title (02, 04 & 06).

With the biggest event in mountain biking, the 2007 UCI Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships, coming to the UK for the first time next September, the organisers are trying to rally the mountain biking community to vote for Steve Peat and put a real sporting success story in front of the Great British public. It's time for the UK's most successful rider to get some much-deserved recognition.

For the first time, viewers of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show (10 December 2006) will be able to vote from a shortlist of 10 contenders. The top 10 for the event will be drawn up using a new nominations voting system that will run until 15 November on the BBC sport website.

This new voting system is the perfect platform in which to back British mountain biking, British mountain bike riders and the first ever Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships to be held on home soil.

British mountain biking is in a fantastic position right now, with some incredible performances from our top riders, a huge increase in participation at home and some of the best events on the planet. It's time for the mountain bike community to make a noise and get Steve onto the BBC Sports Personality shortlist. Don't waist this great opportunity.

Get the message out, Vote Online now to nominate Steve Peat for the shortlist for the 2006 BBC Sports Personality of the Year! ... 080190.stm

Spread the word!

Please note: This campaign to shortlist Steve has nothing against Tracy! Tracy Moseley is an incredibly talented athlete and has performed fantastically well in the World Cups at Fort William, winning three times since 2002. It is a campaign targeting one rider in order to avoid splitting the vote. It will be hard enough to get one of the two riders onto the short list and unless everyone was to vote for both riders the chances of getting one of them onto the shortlist would be greatly diminished. Steve has now won the World Cup title three times so of the two riders he was the first choice for great sporting success in downhill mountain biking.

Please vote for both riders!

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Postby nicklouse » Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:42 am

Discuss here. Article here.

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Postby nicklouse » Mon Dec 04, 2006 11:38 am

well he did not get into the final ten.

but he was up there on the online vote. ... 157540.stm

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