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Marko Fo
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Postby Marko Fo » Thu May 24, 2007 22:03 pm

I own his book. I know, even if he is a roadie he happens to be one of my favourite riders. Anyway, when every I'm feeling sorry for my self for some reason i read a section of his book.

In one week he finds he has cancer, has to have a testicle removed, finds its in his lungs, finds he has no health insurance, then finds its in his brain.

The guys been through a hell of alot and came back fighting. He also explains all the drugs stuff, and as one would expect, there are reasonble answer to everything and he was never found with drugs in his blood or urine.

But people will never be satisfied, least we forget that; George Bush masterminded 9/11, no one landed on the moon and the Queen is actually a shape-shifting lizard. Please.

Lance Armstrong = an amazing inspiration.

Pain is for minutes, glory is forever.

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Postby Drfabulous0 » Thu May 24, 2007 22:21 pm

Although winning the Tour de France so many times is a huge achievement in itself, it is his work raising awareness about cancer that really makes Armstrong a legend.

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