saint Vs 3pc cranks

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saint Vs 3pc cranks

Postby gerallt » Sun Jun 03, 2007 14:16 pm

a few of my mates were having the disscution(sp) of wich are stronger because my truvatives broke and i was wondering which to get, which are the strongest?
Shimano saint or BMX style cranks e.g WTP royals
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Sir HC
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Postby Sir HC » Sun Jun 03, 2007 15:17 pm

The bearings on the saint BB will last longer.

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Postby gerallt » Sun Jun 03, 2007 15:35 pm

and the crank arms will be stronger because of no welds?

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Postby nicklouse » Sun Jun 03, 2007 16:08 pm

some 3 pieces are lighter and stiffer than saint. bearings on 3 pieces are easy to rplace. chain line can be sorted to any position. you can run any gearing set up.

bearings can be upgraded at minimal cost.

can fit any size frame at minimal cost.

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rob cole
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Postby rob cole » Sun Jun 03, 2007 16:28 pm

as a bmx rider who rides alot of skatepark and street, and years of riding dirt jumps and freeride, i seriously doubt many bmx cranks are stronger than Saint...

(I know several bmx riders who run Saint on their euro b.b. frames, after breaking Profile, etc.)

I have broken Profile race cranks, DMR Chieftan Mk2s, Primo Powerbites, 24 Seven Dark Angels...either through weld cracking, internal corrosion, spline stripping on the axles, pedal reinforcement bushing failure..and this does not count numerous written-off bottom brackets and bearing replacements

I have not broken ANY Hollowtech II cranks yet?

I have used plenty of different cromoly 3-piece cranks during years of bmx riding / racing and on freeride and dirt jump mountain bikes

the introduction of the Shimano Hollowtech II system and Race Face's X-Type system has finally made the euro bottom bracket feasible for mountain bikes and bmx use (although many bmx frame now run mid-size and some run spanish)

The Saint arms are crazy burly, these have been introduced for BMX as part of the DXR groupset aimed at racers running euro b.b.

the Hollowtech II bottom bracket setup is super durable when fitted properly and kept tight.

on my BMX i run Primo Hollowbite cranks, although i would fit Saint if they made a mid-size bearing setup for the Saint

the Truvativ Howizter i did not have much luck with, as it is a 3-piece arrangement using the ISIS spline interface with an external b.b. system - cranks kept working loose, creaking and then sheared [xx(]

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Postby gerallt » Sun Jun 03, 2007 17:08 pm

looks like im going for saints (or hone because they're apparently stong enough)

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Postby dave_s » Sun Jun 03, 2007 17:30 pm

Hone are strong enough for most things, but get Saints if you want to be on the safe side

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