Horst Linkage Screw Loose

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Horst Linkage Screw Loose

Postby Obs1dian » Tue Oct 09, 2012 21:20 pm

Hi all,

Back in June I bought a Radon Slide AM 7.0 from bike-discount.de. Today, 2 days before I'm due to cycle the Forest of Dean, I noticed after 2 weeks of not having ridden the bike that I am missing a screw from the horst link on the bike. Previously screws elsewhere on the bike were loose (brake rotors), when I noticed this I checked the other suspension screws and some of them were loose too... not great.

Below are two pictures to illustrate: Picture 1 shows exactly where and what is missing. Picture 2 is from the website (replacement bushings/links) and highlights the exact screw I need and where it goes.

I basically need to know if I will be able to source this screw in the UK within the next 2 days....? Help! :?


bearing-kit-linkage-seat-stay-2 (640x491) (480x368).jpg

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Re: Horst Linkage Screw Loose

Postby cooldad » Tue Oct 09, 2012 22:06 pm

No but you could bodge something with another bolt. Just needs the same thread - if you can't find one with the same head, a washer should work.
Try a specialist bolt dealer.
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Re: Horst Linkage Screw Loose

Postby mrmonkfinger » Wed Oct 10, 2012 07:44 am

cyd190468 wrote:Cooldad it would appear I was typing while you were submitting

Crazy times.

It's probably an M5 bolt, but, take the other bolt to an industrial bolt shop and get an exact match.

FWIW that's not a horst link.

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