2013 Canyon Nerve AL 9.0 SL...

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Re: 2013 Canyon Nerve AL 9.0 SL...

Postby chez_m356 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 21:13 pm

qooqiiu wrote:
Rich the tiler wrote:Been looking thru eBay and seen this bike for sale. Why???
Is there something wrong with it?
Looks amazing, great colour.


No, nothing wrong with it at all. Truth is i bought a hardtail this time last year, my first bike since childhood and used it maybe 20 times since. I fractured my foot before xmas and whilst off work i bought this canyon. I thought id rotate them but in reality i'm only ever going to use one bike so prefer to keep the Cube. It was a daft buy.

or depending which way you look at it, a daft sell, haven't you got a mrs or a couple of kids you could sell instead and keep both bikes ? :wink:
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Curious Yellow
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Re: 2013 Canyon Nerve AL 9.0 SL...

Postby Curious Yellow » Mon Apr 22, 2013 14:21 pm

What is the front derailleur mount type please?

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