Stolen Bikes Caversham, Reading

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Stolen Bikes Caversham, Reading

Postby mrmhannan » Wed Apr 04, 2012 09:33 am

Re-posted from the Road Section:

This is quite a tale, and hopefully covers the roller-coaster day I had yesterday.
I Woke up Tuesday morning to find my shed door hanging off, and 4 bikes stolen overnight. Shed lock intact, but a panel hanging off the shed itself.
- Trek Madone 4.7. Blue and White, White wheels, 3 weeks old. Full Ultegra., Silver 105 pedals. Serial WTU140CT51E
- Genesis Core 10 MTB Hardtail.
- Specialized Ariel Disc Sport. 3 months old. ,
- Giant SCR 1.0 Road bike. 105 groupset, and pedals (silver).
Called the police around 7am, once i had calmed down enough to breathe properly. They said they are sending someone around, and also the SOCOs to look for prints etc. No tools were touched (drills etc) from my shed – only bike parts were taken.
Logged onto to register all serial numbers and details. And called the insurance company.
The SOCOs turned up, and found nothing from dusting 3 lids, a baby seat chair.

.... goes onto explain to me that they live locally in Reading, and has been targeted by bike thieves himself......

From this I have learnt a few things – which I would like to share with all:
- Get your bikes on
- Lock your bikes in your shed to something massive ( I know I should have)
- Make getting into your garden as tricky as possible.
I am still left feeling uncomfortable with this – because I was clearly targeted for my bikes, and specifically a new 3 week old bike. I think they were after the Madone, and found the others as a bonus. Hence the Madone is long gone, and the rest were dumped for a later date. So someone has been watching me ride this bike, and found where I live – and stolen this. If you live in Caversham, or know someone who does – please pass this on.

By the way – I’m still waiting to be visited by Thames Valley Police – they don’t even have the serial number of my Madone yet – so they clearly have no interest in this at all.
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Re: Stolen Bikes Caversham, Reading

Postby apreading » Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:06 am

I had my bike stolen from work in Caversham 18 months ago - found it in a similar storage area just off Ardler Road. Looks like they have moved since then but still using the same storage technique! I saw someone riding it in the evening the day after it was stolen, followed them, lost them in the 1 way system that the car couldnt go down, walked around and found it stashed. As with yours, all the bits had been removed but main bike was still intact.

Fantastic result for a good samaritan to deliver them to you - well done that man!

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