STOLEN: Giant Trance, Bristol

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STOLEN: Giant Trance, Bristol

Postby eldudino » Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:49 pm

A mate of mine has had her Giant Trance stolen in Bristol, here's a link to her advert in Solen Bristol Bikes ... 045546&m=1

"My gorgeous Giant Trance X2 was stolen out of my hire car yesterday somewhere between 9 and 6 from Prince St NCP car park, 28th Sept. The rear window was smashed in and unfortunately despite signs saying "park safer" there are no CCTV cameras except on the exit and entrance.

The only things that aren't as spec are the rear hub (upgraded to a blue hope hub) and the front bolt through is also blue. The left brake lever is a bit rattly, pedals are double sided spds with cages.

I'm super sad at my loss.

Do you have any other recommendations of where to look on line? The police said they'd come with me if I find it. (i'm probably grasping at straws!)


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