Stolen specialized camber elite 2011

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Stolen specialized camber elite 2011

Postby mrdeano45 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 14:47 pm

Hi All how you all doing.sadly i had my camber elite stolen from my shed last night.Location Charlbury Oxfordshire. Stolen Fri nite 05/10/12 or early hours Sat 06/10/12. I had been advertising on ebay and gumtree. had a couple of people phone up wanting to see it, but surprise surprise they did,nt turn up.but the they had my address... I sold the bike early this morning on ebay went to get from the shed and it was gone!!!!!!! i still have all reciepts for the bike and frame numbers. so if anyone gets offered a camber be carefull... its in immaculate condition.felt sorry for the guy who had bought it. he called first thing and i gave him the news not cool. so now out of pocket and no bike. anyone with any imformation please could you contact me through here.
ps guys if you are selling through these sights please be careful sounds like these peeps are well organised.
the camber is the black and white 2011 version size large,................also there should be a beeline cycles sticker on the top tube this is where i bought the bike back in feb of this year. shimano m525 spds. front rim left hand side should be a scratch about an inch long. also a mark on the left crank arm on the inside where gear cable had rubbed. red saddle rails paint come off.and left handle bar grip worn from my spec gloves. dunno if this will help. if you see anyone riding it or you are offered call 07939467632............i still have the reciepts and frame numbers here. also might come with a shock pump that was also nicked...................frame number WSBC601117628F

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