Is Orange releasing a new P7 for 2008?

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Is Orange releasing a new P7 for 2008?

Postby jobow79 » Wed Aug 29, 2007 20:18 pm

Only reason I ask is that it seems the bike industry is selling out 2007 models to make way for a new 2008 range.

Does anyone know if the current Orange P7 is on the way out for a different specced one next year?

Just dont want to buy a bike thats out of date, although I appreciate you may be able to get it cheaper!

Many thanks

Joe :D

Father Faff
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Postby Father Faff » Wed Aug 29, 2007 22:10 pm

The P7 is already of considerable vintage and I've heard no rumours of a new lightweight version....but you could always phone Orange and ask!

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