Voodoo owners?

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Voodoo owners?

Postby stiscooby » Fri Nov 09, 2012 14:34 pm

Currently looking at a few bikes to replace my recently stolen bike. I now have a £600 Halfords voucher to get a new bike and thinking of a Voodoo Hoodoo but after looking at one in a shop I'm not too sure on the frame/paint.

For any Voodoo owners out there, how does the paint hold up once the bikes been used a bit?

My other options will be a Boardman Comp or a Carrera Fury but I would have to add another £100 for one of those, although, I think the Boardman "looks" the best out of them all.

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Re: Voodoo owners?

Postby Cubist » Fri Nov 09, 2012 19:48 pm

Your primary concern is the paint???
Look at the review of the hoodoo on here and you'll get an idea of how well-regarded it is at the price point.

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Re: Voodoo owners?

Postby jolmes » Fri Nov 09, 2012 20:26 pm

Have had a voodoo hoodoo 29er since march, paintwork is fine cept for me being stupid the 1st ride out and not putting on helitape/lizard skin and the chain took a few small chips out :( but other than that, its pretty pristine.

Are you looking for a bike for how it looks or how it rides? If you're worried about the pain, use the correct protection, helitape that badboy up and ride it.

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Re: Voodoo owners?

Postby Woodmonkey » Fri Nov 09, 2012 21:47 pm

With the summer we've had I haven't seen the paint since last year due to mud!! On a serious note I love the bike, would recommend it to anyone :) the paint is fine, it chips when rocks hit it, it wears off when cables rub it, it comes up nice the odd time you clean it, it's paint!
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voodoo hoodoo

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Re: Voodoo owners?

Postby stiscooby » Fri Nov 09, 2012 22:01 pm

Thanks for the comments.

I wasn't asking just for the fact of how it looks as such, it was just when I had a look at one in a shop, because the paint is a kind of Matt finish It seemed like it was the sort of finish that ends up looking pretty tatty pretty quickly.

But if this isn't the case then I might just get one and use the remainder of the voucher on a few accessories :D

How it rides is the most important thing. Going to go take another look tomorrow.

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Re: Voodoo owners?

Postby c_doody_1999 » Sat Nov 10, 2012 00:26 am

im in the same boat and am looking at the voodoo range, the hoodoo seams out of stock except in litchfield or somthing, so im looking at the bokor and some realy good priced konas, i made a thread as i cant decide.

iv been milling about review sites for ages and they all seem well recieved, from what i can gather voodoo used to be high end but got in to trouble and was taken over by a larger manufacturor who started pumping them out hence the Halfords connection, but they still seem well speced for the money, especially the hoodoo which seams stellar for the price, all the reports on the ride are good. if your looking at somthing half the price of the discounted high end konas iv seen but with 70-80% of the bang you cant go far wrong.
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Re: Voodoo owners?

Postby DanDax1990 » Sat Nov 10, 2012 00:50 am

I've got a Bokor, Same paint at the Hoodoo but white. Have no problems at all with cleaning it. Only 'problem' I've got which isn't a problem really is little chips where the bottle cage bolts etc go.

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Re: Voodoo owners?

Postby MaJeeKa » Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:41 am

i got the hoodoo, no problems here...fully reccommend it

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