please help whyte 729 or giant anthem x 29 1 ?

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please help whyte 729 or giant anthem x 29 1 ?

Postby sjwarnes » Mon Nov 26, 2012 09:40 am

Please help I'm looking to buy my husband a new bike for his birthday we had pretty much settled on a whyte 729 2013, but I've just come across a giant anthem x 29 1 2012 at a good price.!

What I can see...
Hardtail vs full suspension
Giant has better forks

He is mainly cross country. With some road and some downhill trails.

Has anyone got any recommendations, comments? Anyone tried both ?

His birthday is next week so want to get it ordered.
Thank you

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Re: please help whyte 729 or giant anthem x 29 1 ?

Postby nferrar » Mon Nov 26, 2012 14:46 pm

It's pretty subjective, only he'll know what he prefers. Personally I'd go for the Anthem every time, for me being able to sit down and relax when going at speed on a long ride is worth the loss of stiffness when climbing. Some people swear by hardtails though (I ride a rigid singlespeed 29er and a 140mmm geared FS 26" so pretty much opposites for MTBs but like them both, if I could only have one bike it would be the FS though). I demo'd a 2012 Anthem 29er a few months ago and was impressed, it holds it's speed very well and feels quick through single-track, climbs well to. Not sure buying a bike as a xmas pressie without being sure exactly what the person wants is the smartest move though.

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