Riser bars and other things

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Riser bars and other things

Postby taffyracer » Sat Jun 02, 2007 14:28 pm

I've just bought a stumpjumper HT Comp, loved the way it rode and the lightness of it all but with the seat up it was a stretch down to the bars, the LBS has advised that i fit some riser bars to help.

I've read lately that fitting riser bars destroys the handling, is there any truth in this? If not and it is the way to go then I want to fit something really light, preferably carbon, any recommendations?

Also, the tyres i'm told are crap (Specialized Fast Trak Pro tyres) and that there are further weight savings to be had, what would be the recommendations for this, its going to be used mainly for road and Afan Argoed and Cwm Carn


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Postby streako » Sat Jun 02, 2007 14:33 pm

A riser bar would be a good addition for trail riding. They're usually a couple of inches wider than flats so it will affect your steering. A shorter stem could be considered too.

Tyre wise, something like a Racing Ralph or Panarazor should be good for road and dry trail riding.

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