Bike Insurance - house or bike specific?

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Bike Insurance - house or bike specific?

Postby chemdogwmb » Sat Jun 02, 2007 22:38 pm

Got myself a new orange 5 and need to start thinking about insurance. I've got a shed with the road bike (œ600 new), the hard tail (2006 explosif (with upgrades)(œ1200), and the 5 is currently in the lounge! (œ2500rrp). Will probably end up putting the orange in the shed some point in the not too distant future once i've got a serious padlock and maybe an anchor as well as a blind.

With regards to insurance, I think I need theft cover primarily from my house and elsewhere.

(1) If a car smashes into you and destroys the bike am I right to say you can claim from their car insurance or would I need accidental cover for that.

(2) I dont think I need accidental cover for the bike for my own riding, unless its cheap?

(3) Is it better to get cover on the Building and Contents insurance for my house and would this cover me for the things above?

If anyone has gone through this recently or knows of a website that can give me a quote or more detail (wasnt particularly impressed with cycleguards explanations) it would be appreciated.

Help appreciated as always,


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Postby corrie » Sat Jun 02, 2007 23:27 pm

1. Yes, your the third party.
2. All comes down as you say to how cheap
3. Depends on the price and how this could affect your no claims on your house insurance. You'll have to think of the value of your contents and the overall increased premium on them should a bike get nicked.

M&S insurance is supposed to be good for bikes

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Postby ED209 » Sun Jun 03, 2007 10:17 am

I was going to say that we have bikes specified under the 'personal belongings' add-on to our house policy - which covers them for theft and accidental damage anywhere, and also have the outbuildings insurance for everything else in our garage (including cost of replacing the garage door if it is forced open). Our bikes are comparatively cheap and we live in an extremely low crime area.

But you've got œ4k of bike! So you'll want a much more hardcore policy.

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