Avoding cramp

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Avoding cramp

Postby owenjt » Mon Jul 16, 2007 14:28 pm

From time to time i get cramp in my quads when cycling. I stretch before and after, drink plenty of water but still get it.

Now reading up on cramp it, it says "Cramp often happens after you have sweated a lot. Sweat is high in sodium and loss of sodium upsets the way your muscle works". I do sweat a fair amount, so can anyone recommended a drink supplement that i can take to replace this lost sodium??

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Postby therookie_31 » Mon Jul 16, 2007 17:31 pm

Go on http://www.velotique.com/nutr.htm. They have what is called ''salt sticks''. You might find them in other stores. It works like a charm. I had a two day race last weekend and took some and I had no cramps!! But yes it's cause by dehydration and the loss of salts. hope this helps!

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